Оптовой торговой компанией

Рады сообщить что с 18.02 Венгерская Компания Alvi-System
Начинает работу на рынке Украины.

Alvi-system является оптовой торговой компанией, которая специализируется на продаже одежды и обуви. Мы предлагаем только оригинальный товар всемирно известных брендов от ведущих производителей. 

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  1. Hello,
    Our company’s name is «Assorti Look» SRL and we are a leading distributor of stocks and used goods in our country. Now, we are looking for a partner who can supply us with stocks and with whom we can work together for a long time.
    Could you be so kind to provide us with the information of the goods you have. For us it is very useful to know about types of goods, quality, price (if you sell goods per units or kg), discouts, brands you have and how can we purchase merchandise?

    We have already checked your web page and we are interested to work with you, but for us is very important to know if you can offer EUR1 certificate?
    Waiting for your soonest answer!

    Stefan Schidu
    +373 68083833 (viber,whatssap)

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